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Material Description:
Enviro-Kote is an asphalt emulsion pavement sealer composed of specifically selected fillers, fibers and fortified with polymers to ensure the longest lasting protection and deepest black color all while keeping the environment in mind. Enviro-Kote is a cold applied commercial grade pavement sealer specifically designed for parking lots, play grounds and driveways and contains the industries lowest P.A.H. levels.

Surface Preparation:
Remove and replace all damaged and oil saturated asphalt. Asphalt cracks should be thoroughly cleaned and filled with crack filler. Asphalt to be sealed should be swept free of debris, dirt and dust. Oil and grease spots should be cleaned and primed with an oil spot treatment prior to Enviro-Kote application. When working in extremely hot temperatures it is recommended to cool the pavement with a mist of water. Be sure to remove any excess water leaving the pavement only slightly damp.

When purchased, it is recommended to use a 2 coat application which can be applied by squeegee, broom or spray. The 2nd coat may be applied when the 1st coat is visibly dry. Line Striping can be done when the second coat is visibly dry and the sealed surface does not pick up from walking. Always allow 24 hours before opening up to traffic.

Depending upon surface conditions Enviro-Kote should be applied at a coverage rate between 40 and 60 sq. ft. per gallon in a 2 coat application. Finished surface should be even and smooth filling in all the voids between the aggregate in the asphalt.

Only apply Enviro-Kote to fully cured asphalt. (A minimum of 30 days after new asphalt is installed) Only apply Enviro-Kote when the pavements surface temperature is 50 degrees and rising. Do not apply when rain is eminent within 24 hours. Do not store in direct sunlight. Washes off with water when wet or mineral spirits when dry. Keep out of reach of children.

5 gallon pails or bulk

There is no warranty, expressed or implied, that following this specification, or using the materials covered thereby, will assure satisfactory results. These factors are based on uncontrolled weather conditions, equipment quality and other material quality.

Enviro-Kote Product Technical Spec

To review and/or download the Enviro-Kote Material Safety Data Sheet, please CLICK HERE

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