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Client Testimonials

“I used it last season, and half of the season before, and will be using them again this year in July when the snow finally melts. All good things so far. Very consistent product. I never have to guess what I’m receiving, as far as quality and such. They are super knowledgeable, and answer your call when you have a question and they will actually chat with you. They actively look for feedback from the field, and ask if there’s anything they can do to help you further. They have a lab in the back of the building. I’ve never seen another company do that. They are always running experiments too, which is fun to see. The product is much different than I’ve ever seen. It’s got a lot of solids, which I love.”
Cody Helstern, President – Seal-Coat Specialties Inc.

“I think the product is awesome. Jobs from last season still look great after a long winter. Staff is awesome to work with.”
Chuck, Owner – Roach Sealcoating

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