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Thorough understanding of both consumers’ needs and environment. Limiting global footprint. Cutting edge formulations.

ESS provides the most advanced asphalt sealing products in the industry. Technology has brought a new forefront in asphalt emulsion sealcoat. Enviro-Kote is specifically designed for its working environment, ensuring the longest lasting, deepest black sealcoat in the market.

ESS is a coal-tar free company. We promise to supply products that lessen the over-all impact on our world.

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Complete understanding of both consumers’ needs and the environment.
IN 2014 the use of coal-tar based products were outlawed in the entire state of Minnesota. The negative impact coal-tar has on human health and the environment inspired many sealcoat manufacturers to begin the search for effective alternatives. Here is a link for a data sheet provided by the CDC on coal-tar pitch.

Asphalt based sealers have been around for several decades and have been widely used throughout the west coast. With the help of Raynguard Protective Materials out of Sacramento CA, ESS has developed an asphalt emulsion sealcoat called Enviro-Kote. RPM has been formulating and manufacturing sealcoat for over 30 years. They have developed and shipped Sealcoat products around the world. ESS purchased a batch plant from RPM along with the development of Enviro-Kote. Raynguard Technicians helped install and educate our batchers on the mixing process of Enviro-Kote. Enviro-Kote contains the industries lowest P.A.H. levels. You can rest assured knowing that not only is your pavement protected but your children are safe to play on it. The ESS team has been in the sealcoat manufacturing business for several years. Enviro-Kote is the first of its kind to be released on the Midwest market. ESS is constantly working with customers to get a better understanding of product installation best practices and developing product enhancements.

Limiting global footprint.
Enviro-Kote Was designed to be manufactured with the use of non-toxic, non-hazardous, natural raw materials in the mix design. A large portion of the mix is a recycled by-product aggregate that would normally be discarded into landfills.

Cutting edge formulations.
Enviro-Kote was created using lab tested raw materials ensuring compatibility with the Midwest pavement and climate conditions. Because of the freeze and thaw cycle and limited time we have to get pavement maintenance work done in this climate, it’s critical to use products that will give the you highest success possible. There are not any another comparable asphalt emulsion sealers available developed specifically for the Midwest. Enviro-Kote is an asphalt emulsion pavement sealer composed of natural occurring fillers, fibers and fortified with polymers to ensure the longest lasting pavement protection and the deepest black color all while keeping the environment in mind. Enviro-Kote is a cold applied commercial grade pavement sealer specifically designed for parking lots, playgrounds and driveways.

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